instructions for speakers(plenary and parallel sessions)

Instructions for parallel session speakers

(1) Discussion time for your talk

Please check the allocated time for your talk in the program.

The intended division of time for your talk and for discussion is as follows. Please plan accordingly:

Total Time (min) Talk Time (min) Discussion Time (min)
15 12 3
20 15 5
25 20 5
30 25 5

(2) Computer for presentations (conference computer)

Because the parallel session schedules are so tight, we will prepare computers running Windows 7 with Office 2016 and Acrobat reader and use them for the presentations. Due to the time inevitably lost whenever switching hardware, you can not use your own computer for the presentation.

We will download your presentation files in advance and put them in the shared computer. Therefore, please upload your presentation files 24 hours prior to the time of your presentation. The instructions describing how to upload your presentation is attached as a pdf file to this e-mail.

If you have problems uploading your slides, please send our secretaries ( an e-mail.

Instructions for plenary speakers

(1) Discussion time for your talk

The total time for your presentation is 30 minutes. Please keep in mind that 5 minutes of your talk time is for discussion. So please plan for your presentation to be finished within 25 minutes.

(2) Computer for presentations (conference computer)

We will prepare a Windows7 PC for your presentation. Office 2016 and Acrobat Reader are installed. You can use PowerPoint or PDF files.

Please copy your presentation files to this machine by using a USB memory during a break before your session.

The file name should be PLENARY_SESSION#_YOURNAME.[ppt,pptx,pdf]. SESSION# is the session number of your plenary session which can be found at timetable.

We do not recommend use of your own computer, but if it is unavoidable, please check the connection to your computer during the break just before your session.

(3) Upload slides to the TAUP 2019 Indico page

We plan to make a pdf file of your presentation described in (2) and upload it to the TAUP 2019 indico page. If you want to make a pdf file for this purpose by yourself, please make it beforehand and copy it to the conference computer. In this case, the name of the file should be Web_PLENARY_SESSION#_YOURNAME.pdf.