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The conference will be held at the Toyama International Conference Center in Toyama, Japan. Toyama lies in the center of Honshu and borders on the Sea of Japan. The conference venue is located in downtown Toyama-city, about 1km from Toyama Station. Toyama station is on the Hokuriku Shinkansen line to Tokyo. Toyama airport (TOY) has multiple daily flights to Haneda airport (HND) in Tokyo. From Toyama airport you can take a public bus to the “Sogawa” bus stop near the conference center.

Link to the conference place:

Toyama International Conference Centere

From Narita Airport

If you have a continuation flight to Toyama, you will have to get from Narita airport to Tokyo Haneda airport first. Please find the “Airport Limousine” counter in the arrival lobby of Narita airport and book a seat on the next Limousine Bus for Narita airport; the flights for Toyama leave from Haneda Airport Terminal 2. The bus costs 3100 JPY and depending on traffic it takes 65 to 85 minutes from Narita to Haneda.

If you want to take the train to Toyama, you have two options:

1.) take JR’s Narita Express train to Tokyo station, and transfer to the Hokuriku Shinkansen line at Tokyo station. All Hokuriku Shinkansen trains stop at Toyama station. The faster “Kagayaki” trains of the Hokuriku Shinkansen line only have reserved seats; you need to buy a reserved seat ticket for these. The slower “Hakutaka” trains have more stops and non-reserved seats in cars 1 – 4.

A timetable for the Shinkansen connections between Tokyo station and Toyama can be found in the appendix.

2.) take the Keisei Airliner to Keisei Ueno station. You have to leave Keisei Ueno station for a short walk to JR Ueno station, where you can board all Hokuriku Shikansen trains just as at JR’s Tokyo station. Please see the above instructions for the Narita Express train for more information on these Shinkansen trains. The Shinkansen trains leave Ueno 6 minutes later than Tokyo.

Narita Airport Limousine HP

Narita Airport Airport Limousine Haneda Airport Domestic Terminal 2 Airplane (ANA) about 1hr Toyama Airport Bus
Airport Limousine / The JR Narita Express / The Keisei Skyliner Tokyo Station/
(Keisei) Ueno Station
Bullet train (Hokuriku Shinkansen) about 2h10min Toyama station Bus or tram

Hokuriku Shinkansen Timetable (pdf and below image).

Hokuriku Shinkansen Reservation (JR EAST)

The following train schedules are general daily schedules; please in all cases confirm all your connections against your actual tickets at the time of your actual travel. One helpful site to check connections beforehand and explore routes is here.

Hokuriku Shinkansen Taimetable

From Haneda Airport International Passenger Terminal

All flights to Toyama leave Haneda from domestic Terminal 2. If you arrived from abroad, you will have to transfer from the International Terminal to domestic Terminal 2. Upon leaving the airplane you arrived on at the International Terminal, please follow the signs to the baggage claim. After Immigration you will have to collect your luggage and carry it through customs with you.

If you have a connecting flight out of Haneda (e.g. to Toyama), find the re-check counter at the end of the arrival hall that – as you exit customs – will be to your right. After re-checking your luggage you can use a free shuttle bus to continue on to domestic Terminal 2, from which your flight to Toyama will be leaving. You will have to show your boarding pass to be allowed into the departure area for this bus; it is around the corner at the same end of the hall as the re-check counters are. Personnel at the re-check counter will point you to the security check area that leads to this bus’ departure area. Please take care to take the ANA, not the JAL, bus to the domestic terminals: only the ANA bus goes to Terminal 2, while the JAL bus goes to domestic Terminal 1.

Those of you continuing the journey from Haneda airport by train: all three of Haneda airport’s terminals have a stop for the Monorail line. It will take you to Hamamatsu-cho, where you can change to the JR Yamanote line to reach Tokyo station. From Tokyo station you can take the Hokuriku Shinkansen line directly to Toyama. Monorail and JR are separate companies though, and you will have to pass through gates between their lines.

From Kansai International Airport

From the airport, which is located on an artificial island, you can take JR’s “Haruka” express train to Shin Osaka station. From Shin Osaka the “Thunderbird” express train will take you to Kanazawa. At Kanazawa’s JR station you will have to change trains again to board the Hokuriku Shinkansen for a short ride to Toyama.

JR Haruka Express Timetable (pdf and below image).

The following train schedules are general daily schedules; please in all cases confirm all your connections against your actual tickets at the time of your actual travel. One helpful site to check connections beforehand and explore routes is here.

JR Haruka Taimetable

From Chubu Centrair International Airport

Take the Meitetsu μ-Sky limited express train to reach Nagoya station. Leave the regional Meitetsu line’s station to enter Nagoya JR station; they are immediate neighbors to each other. There are two ways to get from Nagoya to Toyama on JR lines: directly on the scenic Takayama line, or on the more frequently serviced and faster connection through Maibara. On this second route you will have to change trains twice: change from the Tokaido Shinkansen line to the limited express “Shirasagi” at Maibara for Kanazawa, where you change to the Hokuriku Shinkansen line for Toyama. Since all these are JR lines, all train changes after Nagoya are within the station, although the Shinkansen lines have special gates separating them from normal lines inside all JR stations.


Flights to Toyama Airport

From Flight Number Departure Arrival
Tokyo (HND) NH313 07:55 08:55
Tokyo (HND) NH315 09:45 10:45
Dalian (DLC) CZ613 07:20(Mon)
07:40(Wed. Sat.)
Taipei (TPE) CI170/JL5118 07:35(Mon. Thur. Fri. Sun.) 11:40
Shanghai (PVG) FM825/MU9825 09:25(Tue. Sat.)
10:05(Thur. Sun.)
Sapporo (CTS) NH1182 13:45 15:15
Tokyo (HND) NH319 18:05 19:05
Tokyo (HND) NH321 19:55 20:50

Please also check the access information provided by Toyama prefecture's tourism site and Official Toyama City Travel Guide.

Arrival at Toyama International Airport (TOY)

From Toyama airport please take a bus to Toyama station: the buses arrive and leave from right in front of the station. Depending on your hotel you may want get off at the “Sougawa” (総曲輪) stop, from which you will reach the ANA Crown Plaza TOYAMA hotel and the Toyama International Conference Center where the conference is held by walking a short distance: continue in the same direction as the bus approached along the road it traveled on. At the next traffic light (do not cross at the light) both, the hotel and the conference center, are now to your left – both fronting Toyama Castle.

Only on Sunday, Sept. 8, we organized a private bus to meet the many people we expect to take flight ANA 319 from HND that evening, which is scheduled to arrive in Toyama at 19:05. If you are arriving at Toyama on that particular flight, our bus, which will be marked as “TAUP 2019”, will bring you directly to the Toyama International Conference Center for registration and refreshments.

Arrival by Highway Bus

All highway buses pass through or start and end at Toyama Station; if you get off the highway bus at Toyama station, please follow the advice for “Arrival by Shinkansen or train at Toyama Station”. Most highway buses will also stop at “Sougawa” (総曲輪) before reaching Toyama Station: If you get off at Sougawa, you are right next to the ANA Crown Plaza TOYAMA and the Toyama International Conference Center. Continue along the sidewalk you disembarked on in the same direction as the bus was traveling in. At the next intersection with traffic lights (max. 50 m further North) turn left (West) to find both, first the ANA hotel and right behind it, after crossing another traffic light, the conference center.

If your bus stops at Toyama Station, please get off as it will already have passed the Sougawa stop, which may not be serviced by all highway bus companies.