instructions for presenters(poster session)

Here are Booklet and Errata

Poster Session

The TAUP poster session will be held on Sep. 10th, from 18:00 to 20:00. The most excellent posters will be honored at the beginning of the banquet on September 12th.

Poster Format

The poster boards can accommodate posters of dimensions up to 120 cm wide and 200 cm high. Your poster should stay within these size restrictions and not spill over into your neighbor’s space.

Poster Setup

Poster production, transportation, setup, removing the poster and taking it home are participant responsibility. Posters can be setup starting from 16:30 on Sunday, September 8th, but should be ready to be viewed no later than noon on Tuesday, September 10th. Please verify the ID on the board to find your own poster space, which is shown in this map by your ID. Please use thumbtacks to show your posters. You cannot use tape.

Poster Cleanup

Presenters will be required to remove their poster from the morning on Sept. 13th, and certainly before noon on that day.

Important Note

The poster session features a light snack and bar service on the 3rd floor, but unfortunately eating and drinking is STRICTLY PROHIVITED on the 2nd floor.

!! TAUP 2019 Poster Best Poster Award !!

(Alphabetical order)

  • Sindhujha Kumaran
    “Analysis Strategies for the Updated Geoneutrino Measurement with Borexino”

  • Ambra Mariani
    “First measurements with a NaI(Tl) crystal for the SABRE experiment”

  • Lisa Schlüter
    “First Neutrino Mass Measurement with the KATRIN Experiment”

  • Tomohiro Yamada
    “KAGRA Cryogenic Suspension Control toward the Observation Run 3”

  • 写真